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for those very same people it will now be hard to not like him now that hes gay and marrying a man. His pace of speaking slowed. My experience is that people are born gay, and anyone who wants to dispute that Id be happy to have a conversation with them, including. Sitting down, he quickly launched into some questions for me, as well as ground rules for our conversation.

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Im not sure about the Cowboy leadership, but the team, knowing the guys and especially how they have reacted to me so far, they wouldnt have cared. Coming out publicly in a couple of media appearances wasnt what Rohrer had in mind ahead of his wedding. Hed been l ying to himself about his own life for so long that now, with the opportunity to finally tell himself and the rest of the world hid truth, he just couldnt talk fast enough. Its very, very physical, very tough. It was like a fog had lifted from his sight, and he saw his own kindness years of generosity with teammates and friends coming back to him. When his friends and family and teammates had told him over the years that they loved him, they really meant. The kindness of my friends and my family and my teammates he said, his voice trembling, pausing between words, doing everything he could to express the sudden joy that enveloped his new gay life.

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